Photo by Alberto Restuccia

Photo by Alberto Restuccia.

I’m a 30-year old Anglo-Swede living in Switzerland. An engineer by training, my day job is with a major energy company. I taught myself photography over several years while I was studying in Sweden, and worked professionally as a photographer in parallel with my studies.

Until early 2013, I and my mother ran a company together, Taylor News Service AB, under the guise of which I took photographs for, among others, Blindspot, MotorförarenFolkpartiet, Snick-Snack and Kisel Microelectronics.

I currently live near Zürich, Switzerland and practice my photography on weekends and evenings.

Some of the photographers who inspire me are Ansel Adams, Edward BurtynskySebastião Salgado, Galen Rowell, Bruce Percy, Garrit Pieper and Nils Karlson.